Simply put, my mission is to inspire all generations, the old and the new, to appreciate classical music using social media.  But wait, classical music and social media?!
As a classical pianist living in the 21st century, I feel privileged and obligated to revive classical music.  Prior to social media, it is easy to perceive classical music as something old, distant and removed from our modern society.  Most classical music listeners probably only get to see and hear the finished product of the musician’s journey, whether that is from a seat in the auditorium or listening to a recording somewhere far away from the real life musician.  There seems to be a disconnect between classical music and the “real world.”
With YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, etc, I can bridge that mysterious gap between classical music and the modern audience.  This is why, in addition to being a classical pianist doing the usual practicing and performing, I am devoted to growing and connecting with my audience online.  This is why you may stumble upon videos of me casually talking to the camera or practicing while you were browsing through my piano videos.
I have been very lucky to have thousands of people appreciate and support me.  If you wish to support my mission:
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