“Tiffany Poon was the youngest pianist among the participants in the competition.  Born in Hong Kong, Tiffany is studying at the renowned Julliard School of Music in New York, where she traveled from to this competition.  Upon listening to her playing, one will be convinced that she will definitely win many more prizes in the future after winning the 3rd prize in Zwickau.” (English Translation)
TeleVision Zwickau



“She produces magical sounds from Haydn’s sonata, from Chopin’s first ballade and Ravel’s waltz……”
Ora Binur, Jerusalem-based music critic



“Her performance was amazing, the orchestra and audience were floored by her musicianship, technique, professionalism.  It’s all there and at such a young age Tiffany is one of the true young virtuosos in the classical music world today.”
John Jeter, Music Director
Fort Smith Symphony



“Tiffany plays with poise beyond her years.  She was very well prepared, highly professional in rehearsals, and captivating in her stage demeanor.  Her playing was technically secure and musically elegant.”
Timothy Russell, Music Director
ProMusica Chamber Orchestra



“I’ve always been amazed at the level of her musicianship (well beyond her young age), and the sensitive and truly unique ways she is able to project piano performances of real beauty and magnificence.”
Gary McPherson, Ormond Chair of Music and Director
Melbourne Conservatorium of Music
The University of Melbourne, Australia



“Tiffany Poon performs frequently at my Juilliard Evening Division’s The World of the Piano ~ She is loved in this class by everyone ~ What a talent!”
David Dubal, music critic and pianist



“Tiffany Poon plays with technical skills well beyond her years……”
The Columbus Dispatch